After utilizing the ‘Make Me Move’ feature of Zillow, I was approached by a number of agents including Eric. When I spoke with Eric, he was respectful of my thoughts about selling the house myself and simply stated that he was here to help if I needed. Unlike other agents, Eric honestly and pragmatically stated the intricacies of the real estate process and how he could truly be beneficial. Instead of attempting the ‘for sale by owner’, I chose to use Eric and his team which has resulted in a wonderful experience and a new found respect for this whole adventure. Eric helped set realistic expectations and outlined the entire process from beginning to end. Eric is extremely knowledgeable of the local trends and current comparable properties. Providing great service in a calm manner comes naturally to Eric and his team. Being available for inspections and/or appraisals is very comforting to see the agent go above and beyond to ensure everything goes smoothly. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone who wishes to sell their house with an experienced, pragmatic and honest real estate professional.  -Andrew in Burien

Thank You Eric!

Eric supported me during my recent house hunting. Hes very knowledgeable, competent, professional and extremely committed to maximize value for his customers. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

-Luca B

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I Cannot Recommend Him Highly Enough

I have known Eric Molsness for 17 years. He found a buyer for a house I had near Seattle U in the 90’s. I respect him as an honest and positive Realtor who understands quality negotiation, financing, the local RE market and provides, frequent communication at all times needed with his clients. Eric is hard working, and on top of any trends re: marketability and showings. He works very hard to please clients with strong results.

-Steven H

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He Works Very Hard To Please Clients With Strong Results

My husband and I have known Eric for over ten years. He is a pleasure to work with. He is very attentive, hardworking and really hustles to find the right home. We look forward to using his services again in the future.

-Denise D

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He Is A Pleasure To Work With

Eric has listed & sold many of my homes for me. He is creative, a good negotiator & communicator, lists property well & is knowledgeable of local real estate. He stays in touch. I have and will continue to refer him to those seeking an agent.

-Judith B

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He Is Creative, A Good Negotiator And Communicator

Eric negotiated a house sale for me 100% to my satisfaction. When I sell/buy again he will be the only agent I will call upon. Eric obviously works diligently at his sales craft and is exceptional in that he really listens to and absorbs what the client’s needs are, which is critical to gaining my trust.

-Rick G

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Negotiated A House Sale For Me 100% To My Satisfaction

Around 2004 Eric sold our six-bedroom home.  Unsure of downsizing to a two-bedroom condo, Eric found a lovely beach condo for us to lease. He later sold our rental condo for us, and after leasing three years, he found a condo across from Lake Union that that was very suitable. Later he sold that condo in a matter of days and found us another very nice condo at a good price. He had to negotiate with a bank in Europe but never the less worked out the difficulties to our benefit.

We found Eric to be trustworthy and efficient. Being able to count on his word was important to us and we were never disappointed.

-Sharon and Ron T

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We Found Eric To Be Trustworthy and Efficient

Eric was very knowledgeable and an excellent negotiator. My home was listed a few weeks before Thanksgiving and closed the Monday before Christmas, just as Eric indicated it would.

-Susan G

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Very Knowledgeable And An Excellent Negotiator

Very knowledgeable, great communication. Ive worked with several Real estate agents in the past and was never too impressed, but Eric is a great agent to work with. I will contact him the next time I am ready to buy or sell.

-Michelle V

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Very Knowledgeable, Great Communication

Eric was amazing to work with. He did an excellent, thorough job to help me find the right place for my daughter to live. Exceptionally nice person as well.

-Jo M T

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Eric Was Amazing To Work With